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Snacks Fried plantains (patacones/tostones) –> More info HERE Homemade Spicy Fries (Andes Mountains) Tapas (Spain) –> History HERE Guacamole—I chop up avocado, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, … Continue reading Snacks/Meals


Beverages Morir soñando (Dominican Republic) Horchata (Mexico) Purple Corn Drink (Ecuador) Café espumoso/Frothy Coffee Jarritos (Mexican soda brand) Inca Kola (Peruvian soda brand)


Desserts Tres leches cake (Mexico) Arroz con leche (Mexico) Churros –> History below* Dulce de leche (to make) OR Dulce de leche (to buy)- (Argentina) Alfajores (Argentina) … Continue reading Desserts


Let’s travel to South America, specifically to the indigenous tribe called the Hi’aiti’ihi, who speak the Pirahã language deep within the Amazonian jungle. This tribe has … Continue reading Pirahã

The Moken

The Moken If people without numbers are not enough for you today, the Moken Tribe–living near Thailand and Burma–will fix that. They do not have a … Continue reading The Moken

Duolingo- Hiking

Language-Learning Tip This week, I leave you with a–hopefully inspirational and motivational–article I wrote a while back paralleling Hiking & Hyperpolyglots, the latter being “massive language accumulators”. … Continue reading Duolingo- Hiking

Chile- Skyscraper

CHILE: In Santiago, Chile, stands the tallest skyscraper in all of South America. It is called La Torre Costanera.

Uruguay- Punta del Este

LINKS: Wondermondo (Uruguay), Hotel Art Casapueblo (Uruguay), Casapueblo Video (Uruguay), La Mano de Punta del Este (Uruguay) Image Credit Image Source

Gold Fairy Dust

In class this afternoon, first graders came to Spanish and happened to notice that my classroom was–almost literally–coated in glitter: from the carpet to the tables, … Continue reading Gold Fairy Dust

Let’s Visit Chile!

Links Songs- Chile, Argentina, Uruguay Chuquicamata Copper Mine (Chile), Chuquicamata- Wiki (Chile)  Unique Experiences (Chile) Back-Packer Best Places to Visit (Chile) Family Vacation (Chile), Wildlife (Chile)  Colored Houses … Continue reading Let’s Visit Chile!

Let’s Visit Uruguay!

Links Songs- Chile, Argentina, Uruguay Torres García, Inverted America (Uruguay) Kids National Geographic (Uruguay) Facts About Uruguay (Uruguay) Amusing Planet (Uruguay)

Let’s Visit Bolivia!

Links Aymara: Past/Future (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Capybara (Bolivia) The Tsimane Tribe- Amazon (Bolivia) Puma Punku (Bolivia), Pumapunku + Tiwanaku

Let’s Visit Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Pura Vida (Costa Rica) Monteverde Cloud Forest (Costa Rica) Fishing (Costa Rica)

Let’s Visit Guatemala!

Guatemala About Guatemala (Guatemala) 36 Hours in Antigua Guatemala Augusto Monterroso

Let’s Visit Cuba!

Cuba Songs- Cuba, DR, PR Run Across Cuba Documentary Nuestra Infancia (Cuba) Children’s Games (Cuba)

Chile- Atacama Desert

CHILE: Atacama- Article (Chile), Atacama- Video (Chile), Why To Explore Atacama Desert At Night, Mysteries of Atacama Desert, Lithium Mine Fields of Atacama Desert

Storytelling Skills

Grades K-2: Storytelling (Interactive) Combine new and old knowledge of the target language. Repeat key phrases and vocabulary and create movements/gestures to match each one. Follow and comprehend short stories in the … Continue reading Storytelling Skills


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