Let’s Visit Peru!

South America- Quipu

You know that feeling you get when you really want something, but know that you shouldn’t have it? Well, recently, I’ve been frequenting the Teacher’s…

Recipes- South America

Food from South America to make at home with your family. Turn on the radio to a Spanish station, and have fun! Note that the recipes…

Aymara & Quechua

About Time Aymara and Quechua are spoken in the Andes mountains and highlands of South America. While many fewer people speak Aymara compared to Quechua…

Peru- Huacachina Oasis

PERU: When I first read Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist, I had a vague idea of what an oasis was. It seemed nice, but the concept…

Peru- La Rinconada

PERU: La Rinconada is the highest city in the world. It is over three miles high (16,732 feet). It is also on top of a…

Peru- Nazca Lines

PERU: The Nazca Lines are a group of ancient geoglyphs in Peru. They are made out of naturally occurring elements, like rocks, stones, or earth.…

Peru- Amazon River

PERU: Ed Stafford walked the entire Amazon River on foot. It took him 860 days, or almost 3 years, to complete the walk. He faced…

Peru- Boiling River

PERU: Deep in the Amazon there is a river… that actually boils. You can fill an empty mug with a teabag and have instant hot…

Peru- Rainbow Mountain

PERU: Rainbow Mountain, or Vinicunca in Quechua, has a unique composition–14 different, colorful minerals–that makes the mountain range appear like the inside of a jawbreaker. For…

Peru- Machu Picchu

LINKS: Machu Picchu – Llama (Peru), Machu Picchu (Peru), Ascenso a Waynapicchu, Video (Peru), Cusco Video (Peru), Explore Macchu Pichu in Virtual Reality, Machu Picchu Coloring Page Image…



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  17. Llamas/Alpacas/Vicuñas/Guanacos, Llama vs. Alpaca Et Al, Diferencias entre llamas y alpacas