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Welcome to The Spanish Cave, a place where work and play merge together to create joyful, meaningful–and therefore valuable–learning.

¡Hola a todos! I am “Señorita M.”, a Spanish teacher who is passionate about writing, languages, online privacy, and minimalism. This website is a collection of linguistic (primarily Spanish) and cultural resources and a documentation of my teaching journey. Thanks so much for visiting!

THE CAVE: Twelve years ago, at the beginning of my teaching career, my boss walked me to my new room and explained my job quite succinctly: “Teach Spanish”. There was no curriculum, no book, nothing to follow–I was on my own. While some would be overwhelmed by such a task, I was excited to begin with a blank canvas. The idea of a Spanish Cave came several years later, when I was moved to a tiny classroom and we started calling it La cueva/The Cave. Have fun exploring the virtual version of this cave!

Images of Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

Table of Contents

  • FAQ Page: frequently asked questions and answers about language
  • Museum: digital collection of students’ Spanish art/science/history museum exhibits
  • All 21 Countries: culture-related links, organized by country
  • Blog!: all blog posts
  • Newsletters: a look at the curriculum in an easy-to-read, narrative form
  • PK-5 Spanish: a look at the curriculum in an easy-to-read, narrative form, with links from previous years of pics, videos, and articles students have seen in class and may want to revisit at home, as well as Continued (Remote) Learning assignments
  • AP Spanish: resources
  • Travels: photos of my travels overseas, by country
  • About: fun facts about me
  • Music: collection of music in languages other than English
  • Privacy: privacy policy, as per the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Contact: contact information

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*”Bulletin Board Fun” slides are credited to James Chapman.

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