3 Spanish





Curriculum- Third Grade

Students in third grade experience 90-100% immersion in the target language. Third graders explore legends from around the Spanish-speaking world (AIM & TPRS); deepen their study of phonetics with tongue twisters, jokes, and rhymes in the target language; and work on a language-learning app to supplement the curriculum. Highlights of the third grade year include a Spanish News Show and a play about the 900-page novel and Spanish masterpiece, Don Quijote.

Sprinkled throughout the year are various Culture Projects; these lessons focus on amazing and beautiful aspects of the Spanish-speaking world, and knit together the Lower School Spanish experience. Last but not least, third graders master the names and locations of all of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries on a gigantic floor map. They have the opportunity to participate in an All-School Map Competition at the end of the year.