Breaking News!

Every year, our Spanish News Show gets a little wackier. We just keep adding and spiraling, and suddenly, a student is shouting, “¡Seguridad!” (security!) because another is dancing Salsa on set and a third is pretending to order chips and guac on her phone when they are supposed to be reporting–so naturally, we write this all into the script.

Last year, one class pretended that it was, “Bring your child to work day”, and the hija/ daughter kept interrupting the news show with, “¡Quiero ir al parque!” (I want to go to the park!). I used to end the semester with this unit to review several lessons at once, but this year, I decided to start in August with it and see where it leads us. Time will tell!

Some days, we spend the entire time rehearsing if students are really focused and into it. Other days, we run through it once and that’s that! “Son las seis” (it’s six o’clock) seems a perfectly innocent line with which to begin the script, but it involves one student sitting in my teacher chair on wheels, and another pushing, err that is, “driving” the coche/ car across my room to the former’s house, so that he can run and sit on the couch to watch his favorite show ever, THE NEWS. At this point, “reporters” are sitting at a table “in front of” the couch, while others rush on set and pretend to apply last minute maquillaje/ makeup and hair gel before the show is live on the air. And so we begin…

Noticias… en español.

El tiempo

Siempre hace sol / cuando hablas español. (It’s always sunny when you speak Spanish!)

Los anuncios

Me Encanta

Credit. Fun exercise: count how many times they say, “Me encanta” in the song.

La entrevista

(the interview: absurdly over-dramatized!)

PRESIDENTE: Hola, yo soy el presidente de México.

REPORTERO 1: Mucho gusto (nice to meet you). Gracias por visitarnos.

PRESIDENTE: Claro (of course).

REPORTERO 1: Y ahora, las preguntas.

REPORTERO 2 (muy en serio): ¿Te gustan los plátanos? 

PRESIDENTE (nervioso): Sí… no… bueno, a veces (sometimes).

REPORTERO 3 (como si hubiera discutiendo la gravedad de una guerra): ¿Estás seguro? (Are you sure?)

PRESIDENTE (vacilante): No, depende del día.

REPORTERO 4 (para relajar/suavizar el ambiente/humor estresante): ¿Cuál es la fruta que mas se ríe?

PRESIDENTE (honradamente): No sé.

REPORTERO 5 : ¡¡¡La naranja jajajaja!!!

Food Jokes Image Credit; Tomato/ketchup joke credit

La obra teatral: un espectáculo

Signing Off

I don’t know that we’ve ever actually finished this project in class; however, our goal this year is to make an iMovie of the whole thing. But for now, we’ll sign off with a simple, ¡Hasta mañana! See you tomorrow!