1. Tortilla Española (Spain)
  2. Gallo pinto (Costa Rica)
  3. Seco de carne a la limeña (Peru)
  4. Fried plantains (patacones/tostones) –> History HERE
  5. Gazpacho (use watermelon as the base instead of water!)
  6. Homemade Spicy Fries (Andes Mountains)
  7. Morir soñando (drink from the Dominican Republic)
  8. Horchata (drink from Mexico)
  9. Purple Corn Drink (Ecuador)
  10. Bocadillo
  11. Churros –> For history, scroll down to #8 at link HERE
  12. Flan
  13. Tapas –> History HERE
  14. Dulce de leche
  15. Mangú
  16. Paella
  17. Tres leches cake
  18. Arepas (Venezuela)
  19. GuacamoleI chop up avocado, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, and add a lot of freshly squeezed lime juice; mix; and enjoy with chips!
  20. Arroz con habichuelas
  21. Tortillas (Mexico)

CHALLENGE: Cook/bake/make/eat a different traditional recipe from a Spanish-speaking country with your family each week. Here are a few ideas: