Guatemala- Sawdust Carpets

GUATEMALA: Thousands of Catholics in Antigua, Guatemala join together during Lent each year to make colored sawdust carpets in preparation for Semana Santa, or Holy Week. In 2014, they broke the Guinness Book of World Records and made the longest sawdust carpet ever, at an astounding 6,600 feet.

Watch the video below and be amazed! It is a beautiful end result, but requires much patience and attention to detail! This SITE also has more stencils and ideas.

This video shows what the process looks like (note: there is no sound).

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Year 2021-22: Colored Sand “Sawdust Carpets”

This year, every student in Lower School made his or her own miniature carpet with colored sand. For younger classes, a pattern was assigned; older students created their own designs. The end goal was to laminate all of them together into one very long “carpet”, which we did!

Danny Gokey Song

Year 2020-21: Kinetic Sand “Sawdust Carpet”

Here, we tried creating one gigantic carpet with DIY kinetic sand. It did not work perfectly, but the process was messy and fun, nevertheless!

RECIPE #1: 1 tsp. water & 5 drops dish soap, then add 1 tsp. corn starch, 2 tsp. Elmer’s glue, food coloring; mix; add 1/8 tsp. Great Value STA-FLO liquid laundry starch and mix together; slowly add 1/2 cup of sand; add another 1/8 tsp. liquid starch; add more sand, if necessary.

RECIPE #2: 1 cup play or craft sand; 1/2 c. PVA school glue; 2 tsp. dish soap; 2 tbsp. cornstarch; food coloring.; Dollar Tree party table cover.

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Year 2019-20: Virtual Learning “Sawdust Carpets”

Photos of student work from the Spring Quarantine of 2020. All of the following were done virtually.

Year 2018-19: Art Stencils & Sand “Sawdust Carpets”

The art teacher drew stencils in pencil on colored bulletin board paper, and then students filled in the designs with colored sand.