Spain- Bullfighting

SPAIN: Pamplona, Spain is perhaps most famous for its celebration of San Fermín and the annual Running of the Bulls. This tradition, although a huge part of Spanish culture, is highly controversial. To learn more, read this Wikipedia or Scholastic article, and watch the YouTube video below about the Running of the Bulls.

Next, try debating the topic with your family, and take time to listen to the feel of Paso Doble music. Do you see the nobility of the beast and the elegance of the bullfight, or do you see animal cruelty? Whatever your stance, start a conversation and try to understand both perspectives.

When Ferdinand came out in movie theaters, students recognized Spain’s flag in the film and asked about it in class. Before long, the Spanish Cave became the streets of Pamplona and a bullfighting ring arena! One girl found a sheet of reddish paper, named herself la torera, and took it upon herself to lead the bulls down the streets to the arena. Another student waved Spain’s flag to the beat of Spain’s National Anthem playing in the background. Amazing! To read what happened another year, click on “Bullfighting and A Bug” below.

Bullfighting and A Bug.

Yesterday, I subbed for Library class, but got the times mixed up–and consequently, first graders were only able to hear the beginning of a story…

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