2 Spanish






Curriculum- Second Grade

Students in second grade experience immersion in the target language. Integral to the second grade curriculum is a town simulation that ties these units together. Here, students pretend to live in a Spanish-speaking country; work at businesses of their own creation (bank, restaurant, etc.); and discuss the value of different currencies. During the second semester, the focus shifts to AIM Language Learning, a methodology which incorporates storytelling, drama, dance, songs, gestures, and repetition to accelerate the language-learning process.

Sprinkled throughout the year are various Culture Projects; these lessons focus on amazing and beautiful aspects of the Spanish-speaking world, and knit together the Lower School Spanish experience. Last but not least, second graders learn the names and locations of all of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries on a gigantic floor map. They have the opportunity to participate in an All-School Map Competition at the end of the year.