Let’s Visit Mexico!


  1. Songs- Mexico
  2. Animals Endemic to Mexico
  3. Toma Todo Game (Mexico)
  4. Danza de los Voladores (Mexico)
  5. 10 Tastiest Insects and Bugs (Mexico)Edible Insects (Mexico)
  6. Why Last Two Speakers of Ayapaneco Don’t Talk to Each Other (Mexico)
  7. Frito’s Corn Chips, Bandito/Bandido (Wikipedia)
  8. Walt “Zorro” (1958); Legend of Zorro- cartoon
  9. Univisión (Wikipedia)
  10. Rosca de reyes (video)Rosca de reyes (Wikipedia)
  11. Lucha Libre (Mexico)Lucha Libre- Wikipedia (Mexico)
  12. Beautiful World (Mexico)
  13. Cenotes

MEXICO- Aztecs & Mayans

  1. Teotihuacán, Mexico (article1)Teotihuacán, Mexico (article2)
  2. Pyramid of the Sun (Mexico)Pyramid of the Sun/Orion’s Belt #1Pyramid of the Sun/Orion’s Belt #2
  3. Aztec Day SignsNahuatl Song (Aztec Language)Mayan Language for Beginners
  4. Nohoch Mul, Yucatan Peninsula + Blog- Tallest Maya Pyramid
  5. Ancient Maya 101- National Geographic