Let’s Visit Chile!

Chile- Atacama Desert

CHILE: Atacama- Article (Chile), Atacama- Video (Chile), Why To Explore Atacama Desert At Night, Mysteries of Atacama Desert, Lithium Mine Fields of Atacama Desert


  1. Songs- Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
  2. Chuquicamata Copper Mine (Chile)Chuquicamata- Wiki (Chile) 
  3. Unique Experiences (Chile)
  4. Back-Packer Best Places to Visit (Chile)
  5. Family Vacation (Chile)Wildlife (Chile) 
  6. Colored Houses of Valparaíso
  7. Explosión volcán Calbuco
  8. Torres del Paine
  9. Futaleufú- Rafting
  10. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chile
  11. Amusing Planet (Chile)
  12. Chile- Exports

Let’s Visit Argentina!


  1. Songs- Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
  2. 9 de julio- widest avenue in the world (Argentina)
  3. Patagonia (Argentina), Beautiful World (Argentina)
  4. Amusing Planet (Argentina)
  5. La Bombonera- Estadio de fútbol (Boca Juniors)
  6. Kids National Geographic (Argentina)
  7. Tips and Things to Do in Ushuaia, Argentina
  8. The Mountains of Hornocal- Jujuy, Argentina

Let’s Visit Uruguay!


  1. Songs- Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
  2. Torres García, Inverted America (Uruguay)
  3. Kids National Geographic (Uruguay)
  4. Facts About Uruguay (Uruguay)
  5. Amusing Planet (Uruguay)

Let’s Visit Paraguay!


  1. 20 Things You Didn’t Know (Paraguay)
  2. 17 Interesting Facts (Paraguay)
  3. Amusing Planet (Paraguay)
  4. Guarani Language Stories (Paraguay)
  5. Jesuit Ruins (Paraguay)
  6. Bandera- Huella Digital (Paraguay)
  7. Destinos Paraguay: ¿Por qué un escape a una estancia paraguaya?
  8. The Sound of the Paraguayan Guarani language
  9. Recipe: Sopa Paraguaya

Let’s Visit Bolivia!


  1. Aymara: Past/Future (Bolivia, Peru, Chile)
  2. Capybara (Bolivia)
  3. The Tsimane Tribe- Amazon (Bolivia)
  4. Puma Punku (Bolivia), Pumapunku + Tiwanaku

Let’s Visit Peru!

Peru- Machu Picchu

LINKS: Machu Picchu – Llama (Peru), Machu Picchu (Peru), Ascenso a Waynapicchu, Video (Peru), Cusco Video (Peru), Explore Macchu Pichu in Virtual Reality



  1. Songs- Peru, Colombia, Venezuela
  2. Girl is Making Quechua Cool in Peru Article (Peru)
  3. Peruvian Cuisine (Peru), Homemade Spicy Fries (Andes Mountains)
  4. Weavers of the Sky: Maptia (Peru)
  5. Momias de Llullailaco (Peru) 
  6. Introduction to Quechua (Peru)Indigenous Language Push (Peru)
  7. More Cultural Crafts (Peru)Latir Latino Street Art (Peru), Beautiful Painted Staircases Inspired by Andean Textiles
  8. Beautiful World (Peru)
  9. Most Extreme Railways in the World (includes Argentina/Ecuador/Peru)
  10. Ica, Peru
  11. Uru/Uros People (Peru/Bolivia)
  12. The Floating Uros Islands of Peru
  13. Lake Titicaca- Uros Floating Islands, Peru
  14. Floating Islands of Uros (article)
  15. Exploring Southern Peru’s Uros Islands- Departures (have to subscribe)
  16. Parque de la Papa (Peru)
  17. Llamas/Alpacas/Vicuñas/Guanacos, Llama vs. Alpaca Et Al, Diferencias entre llamas y alpacas

Let’s Visit Ecuador!


  1. Hispanic Mama: All About Ecuador (Ecuador)
  2. Cordillera de los Andes/Andes Mountains (Andes)
  3. National Geographic- Galapagos (Ecuador)
  4. Native Birds (Ecuador)
  5. 18 Interesting Facts (Ecuador)
  6. The OutBound Blog (Ecuador)
  7. Explore- Ecuador (Ecuador)
  8. Purple Corn Drink (Ecuador)
  9. Most Extreme Railways in the World (includes Argentina/Ecuador/Peru)
  10. 10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ecuador

Let’s Visit Colombia!

Colombia- Biblioburro

COLOMBIA: LINKS: Biblioburro- The Donkey Library (YT); Biblioburro, Read-Aloud


Let’s Visit Venezuela!


  1. Songs- Peru, Colombia, Venezuela
  2. From Amazon to Garden State (Yanomami Territory, Venezuela)
  3. The Collapse of Venezuela Explained (Venezuela)
  4. Mount Roraima (Venezuela)
  5. Arepas Recipe (Venezuela)
  6. Tourist Attractions (Venezuela)
  7. World’s Highest Cable Car (Venezuela)
  8. Beautiful World (Venezuela)
  9. Esfera Caracas (Venezuela)

Let’s Visit Panama!


Let’s Visit Nicaragua!


Let’s Visit Guatemala!


  1. About Guatemala (Guatemala)
  2. 36 Hours in Antigua Guatemala
  3. Augusto Monterroso

Let’s Visit Mexico!


  1. Songs- Mexico
  2. Animals Endemic to Mexico
  3. Toma Todo Game (Mexico)
  4. Danza de los Voladores (Mexico)
  5. 10 Tastiest Insects and Bugs (Mexico)Edible Insects (Mexico)
  6. Why Last Two Speakers of Ayapaneco Don’t Talk to Each Other (Mexico)
  7. Frito’s Corn Chips, Bandito/Bandido (Wikipedia)
  8. Walt “Zorro” (1958); Legend of Zorro- cartoon
  9. Univisión (Wikipedia)
  10. Rosca de reyes (video)Rosca de reyes (Wikipedia)
  11. Lucha Libre (Mexico)Lucha Libre- Wikipedia (Mexico)
  12. Beautiful World (Mexico)
  13. Cenotes

MEXICO- Aztecs & Mayans

  1. Teotihuacán, Mexico (article1)Teotihuacán, Mexico (article2)
  2. Pyramid of the Sun (Mexico)Pyramid of the Sun/Orion’s Belt #1Pyramid of the Sun/Orion’s Belt #2
  3. Aztec Day SignsNahuatl Song (Aztec Language)Mayan Language for Beginners
  4. Nohoch Mul, Yucatan Peninsula + Blog- Tallest Maya Pyramid
  5. Ancient Maya 101- National Geographic

Let’s Visit Cuba!

Cuba- Cuban Cars

CUBA: Cuban cars: the who, what, when, where, and why in the video! “Why Cuba’s Streets Are Filled With Classic Cars“.


  1. Songs- Cuba, DR, PR
  2. Run Across Cuba Documentary
  3. Nuestra Infancia (Cuba)
  4. Children’s Games (Cuba)

Let’s Visit the Dominican Rep.!


Dance is a very important part of the culture in many Spanish-speaking countries–from the Tango in Argentina and the Flamenco in Spain to the Merengue … Continue reading Dancing!

Dominican Republic

  1. Songs- Cuba, DR, PR
  2. Juan Luis Guerra- Music Videos (DR) 
  3. Ojalá que llueva café Explanation (DR)
  4. Morir Soñando (recipe)
  5. 3 Happiness Lessons (Dominican Republic)
  6. 10 Fun Facts (Dominican Republic)
  7. Dominican Cooking (Dominican Republic)
  8. Teaching Children Dominican Culture (Dominican Republic)
  9. Dominican Dominoes (DR)

Let’s Visit Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico

  1. Songs- Cuba, DR, PR
  2. Things To Do in Puerto Rico (scroll down to “Flyboarding”)
  3. Leyenda del Chupacabras Movie Trailer (Puerto Rico)Chupacabras Song (Puerto Rico), Chupacabras Movie Review (rated PG, 8+)
  4. Top 7 Incredible Places in Puerto Rico

Let’s Visit Spain!


  1. Songs- Spain
  2. Making Bobbin Lace (Spain)
  3. Mapa de EspañaAll About Spain: The Regions
  4. Atlas Obscura- All Places in Spain
  5. Real Madrid C.F.
  6. Churros (article)Churros (recipe)Flan – Dessert, Salmorejo Recipe (Spain), Andalusian Gazpacho (Spain)
  7. Metro (subway) – MadridRenfe (train) – Madrid
  8. Paseo del Prado (Madrid)Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas, España
  9. Cave of Altamira
  10. Human Towers of Cataluyna (Spain)
  11. Juzcar, The Spanish Village- Blue Smurf Town (Spain)
  12. Color Colorcito Tag Game (Spain), Chapas Game (Spain), 11 Traditional Spanish Games (Spain), More Games (Spain)
  13. Fiestas más populares (España), La Navidad en España
  14. Eating Grapes- New Year’s Eve (Spain)
  15. 25 costumbres españolas (Spain)
  16. Ratón Pérez
  17. El oso y el Madroño/ The Bear and the Strawberry Tree (Spain)
  18. The Black Beaches of La Palma, Breña Baja (Spain)
  19. Flamenco Spanish Guitar- Acoustic (Spain)
  20. Art with Mati and Dada- Antoni Gaudí | Kids Animated Short Stories in English
  21. Gaudí- Salamander
  22. Our Journey to Spain- International Cuisine & History
  23. Gymnastics- Sara Moro, Barra; Gymnastics- Sara Moro, Beam; Gymnastics- Sara Moro, Montage
  24. Casares, Spain
  25. Spain’s La Palma Volcano (fotos)
  26. Gaudi Salamander
  27. Metro System- Spain
  28. 5 Most Festive Cities in Spain

LINKS: National AnthemLa Roja Baila, Rompe Ralph (Auryn)

SPAIN- Southern Spain

  1. Street Mercado1 (Granada)Street Mercado2 (Granada)Street Mercado3 (Granada)
  2. Covered Streets of GranadaCovered Streets of Granada (article)
  3. Andalucía, España1Andalucía, España2
  4. About GranadaAccuWeather (Granada)