Duolingo- Routines

ASSIGNMENT: Earn 20 XP (points) on the Duolingo app. This is about 5 minutes of study for the entire week. Easy!

Language-Learning Tip

Pair something you do every day–such as brushing your teeth–with your new language routine. For example, do one lesson on Duolingo (3 minutes) after you brush your teeth each morning. If you forget in the morning, well, you brush your teeth at night, too, right?! Combining a habit with another one you already do regularly will make it much easier to incorporate into your [presumably] busy schedule. As Coach would say, “YOU’VE GOT THIS!!”

INSPIRATIONAL ARTICLE: Why I Taught Myself 20 Languages

Many thanks to all those who have expressed interest and to those already participating. I am SO excited!

The Duolingo Language Challenge is picking up speed. I have already spoken with many parents and faculty interested in joining this friendly competition. Thinking about everyone beginning a language-learning journey and working towards a common goal is motivating in itself, but I will also try to share a few tips or pieces of advice every so often, to help keep you–and me!–on track.