Duolingo- A Conscious Effort

ASSIGNMENT: Earn 50 XP on the app before next Monday (Feb. 14th). You got this!

Language-Learning Tip

This week, use your target language as much as possible, wherever you go. Make it a game. Are you waiting in line? At the mall? At the grocery store? Online waiting for a website to load? In a traffic jam? Train your brain to use those ten second blips of nothingness to be productive and stay mentally active.

Try to remember a word or phrase–or several–in the target language while you are waiting. A minute here or there will prove much more effective in long-term retention than an hour or two of studying. When your skills begin to advance, work on translating what you hear in your head. Learning a language might be a challenge, but it should be a fun challenge! Make a conscious effort to incorporate Spanish [or any language you are studying] into your daily life.

Extra: Have you ever wondered what is one of the most difficult words to translate? If so, check out the video below. Fascinating!