Culture Projects & Song Skills

Grades K-4: Culture Projects & Songs

  • Recognize well-known classic songs in the target language.
  • Memorize chorus lines and quote clips of said songs.
  • Match English meaning to Spanish lyrics and input into class stories and everyday conversation in meaningful contexts.
  • Appreciate the foreign sounds of another language, without necessarily understanding all of the words.
  • Locate country on the map and identify as Spanish-speaking.
  • Combine and relate new and old ideas (both Spanish>Spanish and Spanish>other disciplines).
  • Point to cognates in the target language (e.g., arte, hotel, volcán, tomate, sal, instrumentos).
  • Explain, retell, or demonstrate understanding or mastery of new information.
  • Create a relevant product pertaining to said Culture Project (both group and/or individual).

NOTE: Some projects are “School Projects” (e.g., Guatemala- Sawdust Carpets), where everyone in Lower School participates, while others are grade-specific.