For Parents

This page is for parents and families who would like to learn more about my teaching philosophy and curriculum. There are also Welcome Back Letters and Spanish Summer Packets here, for your convenience. For more fun narrative posts about my classroom, see the Teacher Blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Putting Things Into Perspective

FYI: Mathematically speaking and to put things into perspective, a student who takes Spanish 2-3x/ week (30-minute classes) over the course of seven years (say, from PK3-4th grade) will have been exposed to 13 days (24 hour days) of the target language. How much would you ask a two-week-old infant to say in their native tongue? Let’s be sure to celebrate any and all linguistic output!

MinutesDaysWeeksTotal Minutes
Total Class Minutes18900
Minutes per 24 hour day = 24×601440
CLASS DAYS (not including snow days or holidays)13.125