Privacy & Tech

I have a very strained relationship with technology. On the one hand, and in light of the current circumstances, we are very fortunate to have this tool with which to communicate and share information around the world. And in general, I enjoy blogging and researching, and appreciate having an infinite number of resources at my fingertips. It is amazing what humankind has been able to accomplish.

On the other hand, there are several serious societal ramifications that keep me up at night. I put them here in list form to pose questions, not solve the world’s problems. They are simply to consider.

1) Privacy–what does this mean to society nowadays? Are you aware that your private information (IP address histories, birthdate, all former and current addresses, name, etc.) is sold on a regular basis–and that companies make huge profits off of this metadata?;

2) How much screen time is healthy, for both children (and adults, for that matter)?;

3) Why are Silicon Valley parents raising their kids tech-free? Shouldn’t we ask why, in this intensely digital age?; and

4) Where have concentration, focus, and mindfulness gone? How many times have you had a conversation interrupted by someone looking down at their phone? Look, the majority of us are culpable in this last respect, but are we trying to change? Do we see the error of our ways?

If any of these topics are of interest to you, please consider browsing through the curated list of links and TEDx videos below.

**For parents and educators**

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