Duolingo- Music & Kilometers

ASSIGNMENT: Earn 30 XP on the app before next Monday (Nov. 15th).

Language-Learning Tip

Spend 5-10 minutes searching for some music in the language that you are learning (with a beat you like). You can look up what the lyrics mean right away, or just focus on enjoying the foreign sounds. If your language has characters or a different alphabet, check out THIS PAGE for a little help getting started. Finding new music to add to your playlists is always fun!

For Fun

In other news–and to make this challenge more interesting–we are going to equate the number of XP you have earned to the number of kilometers on an imagined hike through all of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries. The links below are just to get a taste and feel for what these places are like. There is no extra work required, but don’t blame me if you end up buying a plane ticket!

  • If you have earned between 0 and 839 XP, then you are traveling from Ushuaia, Argentina to Torres del Paine, Chile.
  • If you have earned between 840 and 2503 XP, then you are en route to Futaleufú, Chile.
  • If you have earned between 2504 XP and 3925 XP, then you are en route to a skyscraper in Santiago, Chile (feel free to explore the others first, as this link doesn’t have as much info quite yet).

Keep up the excellent work!