“In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.” -Miguel de Cervantes

  1. How to Find a Wonderful Idea (OK Go)
  2. Gorgeous Portraits of the World’s Vanishing People (Jimmy Nelson)
  3. How Tech Companies Control Billions of Minds Every Day (Tristan Harris)
  4. What Adults Can Learn From Kids (Adora Svitak)
  5. The Power of Introverts (Susan Cain)
  6. Dreams from Endangered Cultures (Wade Davis)
  7. Txtng Is Killing Language. JK!!! (John McWhorter)
  8. Psychedelic Science (Fabian Oefner)
  9. The Danger of Instant Gratification (Jesse Weinberger)
  10. Your Elusive Creative Genius (Elizabeth Gilbert)
  11. The Art of Choosing (Sheena Iyengar)
  12. No Child Left Monolingual (Kim Potowski)
  13. The Internet is on Fire (Mikko Hypponen)
  14. The Art of Memory (Daniel Kilov)
  15. More Than Words (Translation vs. Interpretation)
  16. The Most Important Language (Poet Ali)
  17. Defining Your Identity (Amy Walker)
  18. Grow Up, Learn Another Language (Gaston Dorren)
  19. Learn A New Language (Benny the Irish Polyglot)
  20. The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain (Mia Nacamulli)
  21. Where Joy Hides and Where To Find It (Ingrid Fetell Lee)

TEDx- Articles

  1. How Language Can Affect… (Keith Chen)
  2. How Cultures Make Decisions
  3. Why I Taught Myself 20 Languages (Timothy Doner)
  4. 40 Brilliant Idioms… (TED Blog)