Highlights: Flying over the Andes Mountains, riding under Iguazu Falls in a speedboat, observing the ever-present coatis, Teatro Colón, Café Tortoni, dulce de leche and smelling freshly baked bread in my apartment building every morning (was above a bakery), crossing a 16-lane highway on foot, traveling to Córdoba, getting chills at La Recoleta, ferias every weekend, seeing Reik in concert, watching fútbol (2014 World Cup), La Boca, an amazing Art/Graffiti Tour in Buenos Aires, seeing El Gran Gomero rubber tree with giant roots, and taking the ferry over to Colonia, Uruguay to meander the cobblestone streets, drink Yerba Mate, climb to the top of a lighthouse, breathe the fresh (not city) air, and fall in love with yet another country.