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ARTICLES: FluentU- TPRS For All! A 9-Step Guide, How to Ask a TPRS Story, 100% Target Language 100% of the Time, TPRS- Introducing Vocabulary, Understanding TPRS, TPRS 101: A Guide to Storytelling in the Spanish Classroom, TPRS Sample Lesson

ART: Famous Paintings, Famous Places and Landmarks Coloring Pages, Supercoloring- Emojis, South America Coloring Pages (maps), South American Map Activity, Arts & Culture- Search, Art Doppelgänger, Resource Library National Geographic

Fancy Cars, License Plate- Argentina, License Plate- Bolivia, License Plate- Peru

STORYTELLING: Bilingual Storyteller, Why The Rooster Crows in the Morning (for students), Simple Stories in Spanish (legends), A World of Stories, Cuentos Infantiles (podcasts), Los loros disfrazados (leyenda), ratón y el loro- cuento, LORO coloring page, Mitos y leyendas para niños, Las manchas del sapo- videocuento y leyenda

COLORING SHEETS: Recursos y actividades- La ciudad, Recursos y actividades- España, Recursos y actividades- El Greco, Twisty Noodle coloring sheets, Ciudades para colorear, More City Coloring Pages, City Map Template Isometric

Cool Car Coloring Pages, Mexican Folk Art coloring pages, More Mexican Folk Art pages, Language Worksheets, Numbers Worksheet, Christmas Village Coloring Pages, Finnish site- Coloring Pages

GAMES: Traditional Spanish Games, ¿Dónde está el pájaro?– game, Printable Spanish Board Games, More Traditional Spanish Games (different site), Chapitas (Venezuela)

LINKS: Yoga for KidsMindful Schools- BreathingMama Tortuga Mindfulness, Explore South America on MaptiaAround Guides, Airpano, Spark EnthusiasmGoAnimateBrainPop in SpanishReading A-Z, Learning A-Z

Desastres Naturales, El universoLanguage Tree, Articles in Multiple LanguagesDozens of Languages to Explore, Latin American Crafts, Hispanic Heritage Month1, Hispanic Heritage Month2, Hispanic Heritage Month3, Hispanic Heritage Month4, Hispanic Heritage Month5, Music for Hispanic Heritage Month, Notable Hispanic Figures, Hispanic Figures PDF, Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Challenges on PBS, Cookie Monster en español

30,000 Dominoes, 500,000 Dominoes, About Toucans, Mary Poppins, La cordillera de los AndesLas Fallas (Spain)Common Latino Last Names (scroll way down), Most Spoken LanguagesLeyenda del Chupacabras Movie TrailerChupacabras SongRatoncito Pérez: Animation (Spain)Ratón Pérez: Traditional (Spain)

LINKS: ANALOGÍAS PARA NIÑOS, Palabras que riman- fichas para pintar, Gravitación universal, Ejemplos de haiku, Haikus (poemas), Are zzz’s associated with sleeping, How to address a teacher around the world, Postcodes, Addresses and the Postal System in Spain, SPANISH CLASSROOMS TOUR: A PEEK INTO 30+ ROOMS, 48 Spain Infographic Video Templates, Teacher Resources- Concordia,

MORE RESOURCES: Zambombazo- ¿Qué tiempo hace, Zambombazo- Numbers, Zambombazo- Inca Kola + Murals, 100 Spanish Language Resources For Bilingual Parents, FluentU-10 Authentic Spanish Resources for Virtual Tours and Visits, Manualidades y experimentos para niños, Science Resources in Spanish, Science Resources- PDF, CoreKnowledge Spanish e-Books, Spanish Primary Lessons- Heggerty

Curious Traveler TV Series, CuriousTravelerTV, Chasing the Spirit of the Caballo Blanco in the Bottom of a Mexican Canyon, Songs in Spanish, Music for World Language Classes, Panthers Truly Learning About the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas, Tales from the Traveling Art Teacher, School Lunches Around the Spanish Speaking World

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