On this page you can expect to find news from around the Spanish-speaking and linguistic world. Click on the photos and links below to learn more.

NICARAGUA: Nik Wallenda is a tightrope aerialist who recently walked across an active volcano in Nicaragua. Click on the photo above to watch the news clip.
PERU: Ed Stafford walked the entire Amazon River on foot. It took him 860 days, or almost 3 years, to complete the walk. Unbelievable but true!
USA: Timothy Doner started learning languages at age 13. By age 17, he was able to communicate in over 20 languages. He is definitely a hyperpolyglot.
PERU: 14-year-old Renata Flores Rivera sings Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” in Quechua, her native tongue.
USA: This necklace contains all of the world’s languages, and you can buy it! Click on the photo to read more.
CUBA/SPAIN: Family finds $4.5 million dollars worth of treasure from 1715 Spanish shipwreck, off the coast of Florida.