Fly Away With Me

Waves of cerulean lapped onto the shore, back and forth, back and forth—carelessly, yet with purpose and intention. My toes reveled in delight at the mixture of wet sand and water, so distinct from their claustrophobic shoe shell. Change could be wonderfully refreshing.

Traveling has always been in my blood. I love exploring and want to share this excitement with my students.

So in class, students don’t just talk about going places- we actually travel! Well, via simulation, at least. Let me invite you into our world. One of my favorite lessons of the year is The Day We Do All The Things. This day is planned about 24 hours in advance (I’m one of those 11:59.57 types), and particularly after a student makes an offhanded comment about wanting to travel. Okay, well let’s go!

I prepare plane tickets, complete with realistic times, dates, and airports (thank you, Snipping Tool!), and hand these out along with faux currency of our final destination. One year, we spent a week creating crazy-realistic looking passports beforehand, with student photos pasted in and a world map as the background. Needless to say, travel involves some paperwork!

At the airport, students go through ‘customs’, taking off their shoes, handing over their passport, walking through the creepy scanner, etc. (quítense los zapatos, pasaporte, por favor)

Lesson plan- plane tickets, customs; stewardess/plane simulation with snacks & iPad movies available in Spanish only; QR codes around campus, “taxi ride”, riding the metro (hey, look! there’s the Prado!), etc.

QR Code Search- Spain & Mexico!

  1. Mercado in Spain
  2. The Men Risking Their Lives for Barnacles
  3. Human Towers of Catalunya
  4. Covered Streets of Granada
  5. Regions of Spain Map
  6. La Alhambra (photo)
  7. Museo Soumaya Art Museum (photo)
  8. Chichen Itza at Night (photos)
  9. Amate Paintings (photos)
  10. Molinillo tradicional (video)
  11. Danza de los Voladores (photo)
  12. Cave of the Crystals
  13. MUSA- Mexico Car (photo)
  14. Frito Bandito (commercial)
  15. Coco- Official Trailer
  16. Radish Festival
  17. El Prado- Museum